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Reiki Classes for Fall 2019 

A new essence of Reiki is here to assist us on our journey.  The International Center for Reiki Training is calling this healing wisdom Holy Fire Reiki (r), which embodies Universal Healing Light within each person. Traditional Usui Reiki as taught by the International House of Reiki also forms an important part of my introductory classes.
Holy Fire Reiki(r) is expanded upon more in advanced Reiki classes including Advanced Reiki Training (ART), and Reiki Master.  Holy Fire Karuna Reiki (r) Practitioner I/II and Master was developed by the International Center for Reiki Training and is a beautiful expansion of the compassionate energy of Reiki.  

All Usui/Holy Fire classes allow time for questions and Reiki practice sessions. Following the training, students are asked to complete and document a number of Reiki treatments and practices. Reiki Shares offer an excellent opportunity to partner with others. (See Reiki Share information on this website).

PLEASE RESERVE your Reiki class spot early by contacting Kris at 530 368-4465 so that manuals can be ordered and the appropriate # of handouts copied. Class descriptions are located below the classes. Thank you!    

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Reiki III (Advanced Reiki Training) - Usui / Holy Fire (R) Reiki
Fri-Sat, Dec 6-7, 9am-6pm  
Cost:  $

Reiki II - Usui / Holy Fire (R) Reiki   
Sat-Sun, Nov 2-3,  9am-6pm
​Cost:  $250

Reiki Master - Usui /Holy Fire III (R) Reiki
Tuesdays Sept 3 through Oct 8, 9am-1pm
​Cost:  $500

Reiki I  - Usui / Holy Fire(R) Reiki   
2 Sundays, Sept 15 and Sept 22,  9am-6pm
​Cost:  $100

Class Descriptions: 
Usui/Holy Fire (R) Reiki classes utilize a variety of the following elements and may include discussions, readings, demonstrations, initiations/placements, Holy Love and other healing experiences, ignitions, meditations, chanting, breathwork and practice healing sessions.
Reiki I provides students the opportunity to explore their own embodiment as Universal Life Force energy and more fully align with these energies through Reiki I initiation/placement, as well as traditional Reiki blessing and Ocean of Holy Love experience, an immersion in Holy Fire (R) energy. Reiki I covers a description of Reiki, the history of Reiki, uses of Reiki for healing/personal development, and the body's energy systems, including the Japanese concept of the Three Diamonds and an energetic exercise to connect the three diamonds. Students learn the Reiki Precepts and practice Gassho meditation, Joshin Kokyo-ho and Seishin Toitsu meditations, use of scanning and intuition in Reiki healing, and Reiki hand positions for self and client treatment. Students practice scanning, kenyoku-ho (dry bathing) and Reiki treatments for healing mind, body and soul. 

Reiki II class provides a Holy Love experience and Usui/Holy Fire (R) initiation/placement to 3 Usui Reiki symbols: the focus/power symbol, harmony/mental-emotional symbol, and the connection/distance healing symbol.  The class provides information about the symbols, the jumon/mantras and how to use them, and facilitates practice in giving and documenting a complete Reiki healing treatment.  Reiki II also covers chanting and toning, use of the eyes, the breath and sound in Reiki healing, using Reiki to heal unwanted habits, to empower goals and for distance healing. Hayashi Healing Guide and anatomy for Reiki are reviewed, along with Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.   There will be practice time for giving and receiving Reiki treatments utilizing scanning, intuition, the 3 symbols and their jumon, the eyes, the breath and sound for healing, as well as how best to prepare for, open and close a Reiki session.

ART (Advanced Reiki Training) includes a Holy Love II experience and Holy Fire placement for the Usui Master symbol. Time is allotted for giving and receiving Reiki treatments using the Usui Master symbol along with the other 3 Usui symbols and their jumon while reviewing healing techniques and practices learned in prior classes. Students learn and practice Aura Clearing, which is a helpful and practical technique for empowering yourself or your client to resolve issues and blocked energies.  Students learn how to use a pendulum in Reiki sessions, how to set up and empower a Reiki crystal grid to send Reiki continuously to anyone or a situation in need of healing, and how to work with stones/crystals in sessions and for balancing chakras. The class delves more deeply into the esoteric energetic practices of Usui Reiki and the meanings of various terms utilized in Reiki, along with experiences embodying the traditional Master symbol, DKM.

Usui/Holy Fire (R) Reiki Master class introduces the Holy Fire master symbol and explains and clarifies the role of the Holy Fire as it has entered into Reiki, including the unique way that Experiences, Placements and Ignitions are done. Students participate in the Healing in the River of Life experiences and Ignition experiences for purification, healing and empowerment, where the Holy Fire energy ignites that which is already within each student but may have been obscured, thereby enhancing awareness of our divine nature.  Students learn how to prepare for and practice facilitating Holy Fire Reiki placements for Reiki I, II and III. We'll also practice a Moving Meditation and another Holy Fire meditation.
Students learn how to facilitate Holy Fire ignitions and experience how to facilitate a Holy Fire Healing for Spirit Attachments.
For completeness and depth in traditional Usui Reiki, students also learn the traditional Usui Reiju/blessing, Usui/Hayashi attunement techniques, and how Usui prepared for and presented attunements to match the energetic level of each of his students.
The benefits of ICRT's Reiki Membership Association, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, Insurance and elements of creating a Reiki practice are discussed. Students receive a Resource List as well as a Holy Fire III (R) Reiki Master manual. 

Holy Fire III (R) Karuna Reiki Practitioner I/II and Master class includes Holy Fire experiences and ignitions, information about the four Karuna Practitioner I symbols and mantras and four Practitioner II symbols and mantras, as well as practice sessions using these Karuna symbols to enhance healing and Reiki sessions. Master training includes introduction to the Holy Fire Master symbol and several ignitions to Holy Fire III (R) Karuna Reiki, a Holy Fire meditation and practice preparing for and facilitating the Practitioner I and II placements.   A Holy Fire III (R) spirit release technique [depossession] is demonstrated, as well as chanting and toning with Karuna Reiki (R).
The Karuna symbols facilitate deeper healing, including past life/karmic issues embedded at the cellular level. They enhance love and balance, stimulate higher knowing, and connect clients to their highest vibration of self.  They assist in securely grounding the client at session's end and enhancing life purpose. Continue your Reiki journey with Holy Fire III (R) Karuna Reiki (R), developed by and registered with the International Center for Reiki Training.

Location of Classes:  
Grass Valley Reiki Share:  11532 Myrna Drive, Grass Valley, CA 95945 (5 minutes south of Grass Valley off Dog Bar Road) 

To Register: 
Send a check to Kristie Stevens at the address above.  Kristie is a Professional with the Reiki Membership Association and a Holy Fire III (R) Reiki Teacher, who is also trained in Usui/Tibetan/Karuna Reiki. Please include your name, address, phone and email with your payment.  A receipt showing your payment will be provided. PLEASE CALL or TEXT Kristie for more information 530-368-4465 and to confirm that class space is available prior to mailing your check. Thanks! 

Class Size: 
Reiki classes are limited to eight students to ensure that there is adequate time for questions and practice. Classes include an ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) manual and handouts relevant to each class.

Lodging options:
There are many lodging options in Grass Valley, Nevada City and Auburn, including Bed & Breakfasts, all within reasonable driving distance.   

Retaking Classes
My students are welcome to retake a class at no cost if class space is available. Please bring your own manual and handouts.  New manuals can be supplied at cost with advance notice.   




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