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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki/ Energy Medicine?
Reiki is divinely guided, Universal Life Force Energy, everywhere present.  Reiki practitioners serve as channels for these sacred frequencies.  Kris, your partner for healing, has been attuned to the Usui/Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki energies. Energy medicine is the use of healing frequencies to assist in balancing energy fields and to lighten areas of pain or distress, allowing the body and mind to relax and release tension, contraction and stress.  Reiki energy can provide an energetic nudge to jump start your own, internal healing process and bring to awareness other steps which may be needed to enhance healing of mind, body and spirit. Massage can be combined with Reiki for a holistic and nurturing experience.

Where will my Reiki treatment or massage take place? 
Massage sessions are provided in the Partner For Healing treatment room. Reiki sessions are either in the treatment room or via Zoom or phone for a personalized Distance Reiki session. 

The Partner for Healing office is located 5 minutes south of Grass Valley off Dog Bar Road.

How should I dress? 
For Reiki treatments, please wear whatever is cozy and comfortable. Clients remain fully clothed, lying on a massage table.  Often clients wish to remove their shoes. A table warmer is available as needed.

For massage treatments, clients disrobe to their level of comfort and are covered at all times with a blanket and/or a sheet, depending on the weather and temperature. Only the part of the body being massaged is uncovered and then recovered to maintain body warmth and client modesty. For Thai massage, clients usually dress in shorts and a top or other exercise clothing; Thai massage entails many stretches and acupressure along the body's sen lines (energy lines). 

How long do treatments last?
Reiki and massage treatments generally last about an hour to 90 minutes. During an emotional release, a session may run longer. 

What parts of my body or energy field will be addressed? 
During a massage, usually the whole body, its muscle groups, soft tissues and energy lines will be treated. Focus will be placed on those areas needing most attention, such as lower back, neck or other areas of tension and pain.

A complete Reiki treatment often includes hand placements on the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet and back, and may include placements over particular organs and chakras (energy centers).  In any particular session more focus may be placed on the area most needing care. Reiki treatments vary according to your energetic needs. Chakras may be balanced through crystal placement, sound toning or energy work above the body in the human energy field. Pain or emotions may release. Spiritual guides may come to assist. Reiki energy often goes where it is most needed.  Your intention for the session helps to focus the work. The best sessions occur when client and therapist work together as a healing team. 

What should I do during the Reiki or massage treatment?
Prior to the session, feel free to ask any questions and to make your wishes and intentions known. During the treatment, make yourself comfortable. Some clients share what they are experiencing. Some prefer to rest in quiet. The therapist will tell you what is needed, such as asking you to take several deep breaths at the start of the treatment or prior to a stretch, if you are receiving a massage. Many people simply close their eyes and relax, communicating if they need another blanket, or anything else relevant to the session.  Some clients share their perceptions with the therapist or write in their journal following the treatment. If a client is ill, in pain or emerging from surgery, often simply having a Reiki practitioner there, providing the loving, healing presence of Reiki/Universal Life Force Energy, is enough. No words are needed.  Alternatively, clients working through an emotional issue or trauma are often greatly helped by sharing feelings.  Holy Fire Healing meditations, aura clearing technique, crystals, drums and essential oils may be used to complement the Reiki session and assist with the release. 

How will I feel after the session?
Most people feel very relaxed following a Reiki or massage session.  Following post-surgery Reiki treatments or a therapeutic massage, clients often experience pain relief.  Clients often experience emotional relief and greater awareness. 

Are treatments covered by Medicare or other medical insurance?
I do not bill Medicare or other insurance plans.  Session fees are paid by the individual receiving the treatment or by the family. 

Are there medical conditions that would make a Reiki or massage treatment not advisable? 
If you are under a doctor's care, please seek your doctor's approval prior to receiving a massage.  For Reiki, it is advised that you inform your physician prior to your Reiki treatments.  Reiki complements medical care, is non-invasive and is used in a number of hospitals as an adjunct to conventional medical care to help relieve pain and promote healing.  Please inform your practitioner of any health problems prior to your session.

Are Reiki or massage treatments a substitute for medical care?
Reiki and massage treatments are not a substitute for care by a medical doctor.  Reiki and massage practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat disease.  Always contact a licensed physician in case of illness or other medical problem or emergency.

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