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Spiritual Affirmations

Affirmations, poems, chants, positive words of all kinds inform our consciousness and help align minds and bodies with our highest truth as embodied Spirit. Affirmations assert our essential nature, the truth of who we are as infinite, creative beings. Beginning with "I AM" strengthens the power of the affirmation.

May-June 2021
I , WE CAN allow time and space in our lives for the fullest potential of each moment to flower. Patience, holding ourselves and others with love and nurturing, enables the maturation of goodness within all.   

January-April 2021
I AM, WE ARE able to see and accept that all experiences, embraced and held with loving awareness, lead to higher states of consciousness and greater freedom. They come as a gift and a message from our highest self for our greater expansion, wisdom and enlightenment.

November/December 2020
I AM, WE ARE fully capable of seeing through any darkness or apparent chaos to the Truth within, which is Harmony and Love. In times of confusion, we hold firmly to this vision to assist in transforming the consciousness of the world.

September/October 2020
I AM, WE ARE ever immersed in the creative substance of the Universe; how we perceive each moment shapes this creator energy as our everyday lives.

July/August 2020
I AM, WE ARE fierce compassion in action, guiding body and mind with heart-centered sword of steel, only laser focused love to dissolve untruth and open the way forward.

May/June 2020
I, WE allow each moment to arise exactly as it is, observing with neutrality and gratitude the unfolding of our life and life on earth in all its power/delicacy, light/darkness, joy/terror.

March/April 2020
I AM, WE ARE sending LOVE to whatever arises within and without as messages from our highest Self and from our mother Earth.

January/February 2020
I AM, WE ARE the vibration of Beauty embodied within Creation, linking each of us to the essential harmony of all life on earth.

September/October 2019
I AM, WE ARE grounded in the TRUTH that we are eternal beings, here temporarily in body yet ever existing as Awareness, Light and Love.

July/August 2019
I AM, WE ARE expansive beings of light, attuned to the resonance of gratitude, compassion and peace and holding this Truth for the good of all.

May/June 2019
Living in accordance with the Reiki Precepts, I AM, WE ARE clear, present in each moment, kind and peaceful.
     Reiki Precepts:  For today only, do not anger, do not worry, be thankful, practice/work diligently, be kind to people.

March/April 2019
I AM, WE ARE self-renewing. Outdated thoughts, beliefs and behaviors become compost for the new blooming of flowers in our soul. 

January/February 2019
I AM, WE ARE resilient and aligned with the pure light and love of Source/God within and as all. 
     At times, we may trip and fall, suffer losses, experience health challenges, take blows to the soul ... but we WILL stand again to continue on this earth journey, shining our light in and for the world, in service to the greater good. Knowing that we are INFINITE beings, we can, with eyes shining, make this particular visit on planet earth worthwhile through acts of love, charity, hope and courage. Namaste' fellow travelers on earth and in the spirit realm. 
In memory of my best friend Deidre, dear son Nicholas, blessed mother Faye (not shown), all of whom passed in 2018. 






Sept/Dec 2018
I AM, WE ARE inherently strong, flexible and wise, filled with gratitude, joy and songs of the soul. 

May/Aug 2018
I, WE align with the light and consciousness of the New Earth, loving, inclusive, cooperative and nurturing of ALL life in recognition of the divinity in, as and of all.

March/April 2018
I AM, WE ARE forgiving, holding ourselves and others in a space of love, providing our compassionate attention to whatever is arising within and without.

January/February 2018
I , WE celebrate each moment as a gift, pausing instead of reacting; from the wisdom and viewpoint of our highest self, we see with the eyes of Truth and reframe that which our ego does not yet comprehend.

November/December 2017
I AM, WE ARE present, courageous and tender-hearted when functioning as an aware human being! 

September/October 2017
I AM, WE ARE observing and relaxing into the Truth of each moment as it arises.  

July/August 2017
I AM, WE ARE expansive awareness, the void wherein all potential exists.

May/June 2017
I AM, WE ARE Health and Wholeness as the clear light of creation shines forth within every cell of our being.

March/April 2017
I AM, WE ARE Gratitude:  Appreciation and honor to the trees, flowers, rocks, soils, waters, skies, animals, microbes and all things - weaving together this incredible world, embodying the essential light of creation. 

January/February 2017
I AM, WE ARE born anew each moment as we create (consciously or unconsciously) our reality from the vastness of Infinite potential with every thought, word and deed.

November/December 2016
I AM, WE ARE LIGHT AND LOVE embodied and costumed for this play of life; easy to become caught up in the drama and forget who we are.  As we see each other truly, the veil begins to lift and the truth is revealed.  

September/October 2016
I AM, WE ARE all part of the One; thus we extend love to our plant, animal and human family, especially in times of error and stress...our love and acceptance assist all in returning to balance and harmony.

July/August 2016
I AM, WE ARE expansive, unlimited awareness beings.  Our thoughts and attention subtly shift our lives and the Universe.  

May/June 2016
I AM, WE ARE one with the energetic template for good/harmony held within the earth, attuned to the original impulse of creation. In times of challenge, we can REMEMBER.

March/April 2016
I AM, WE ARE unique fractals of the one creation, each essential to the whole.

January/February 2016
I AM, WE ARE expanding into our full potential as co-creators with the Divine.

December 2015
I AM curious. Each being and situation is my teacher.  

November 2015
I AM open to the release and transformation of old patterns and behaviors.

September - October 2015
I AM, WE ARE light and consciousness ever arising in tune with the vibration of the Universe. 

June - July - August 2015
WE ARE one with a cosmic symphony, individual vibrations combining to form a radiant earth-wind-life-water-light chorus. Listen.

April-May 2015
I lay on the earth, open to the sun and sky, sink into the waters and greet all as sacred, great and small, to replenish body and soul.

March 2015
I AM courageous and open fully to the possibilities and choices that life presents.
February 2015
I AM aligned with the new earth; we evolve together.

January 2015
I AM fully present and act from divine wisdom.
December 2014
I AM the Light, 
A River of Light,
Flowing in the Light...
      and so let it be for all.

November 2014
I AM a healing force in my home, in the world and for the earth. 

October 2014
Every rock and tree shares healing energy with me.  Namaste' dear earth companions. 

September 2014
I embody the love, understanding and discipline to accomplish my highest purpose on earth!

August 2014
I AM, WE ARE love in action!
With grace, continue;
in peace abide;
and fear not anger from within
or without, but compassion rise
to meet the broken child.

July 2014
The transformative fire of Christ consciousness abides within me. 

(or substitute Buddha consciousness or divine love)

To each person we meet, we can quietly affirm: I see the Christ in you... or I acknowledge the divinity in and as you. This awareness is embodied in the greeting - Namaste' . With this healing awareness, we transform consciousness and the world.

June 2014 
I AM healthy. Every cell in the body is vibrantly alive, aligned with the light of God.
(or substitute Goddess or Creator or The Universe)
Persist in affirming this Truth during a health challenge.


May 2014
I AM whole, perfect and complete, head down to my feet!  

(this one's from a Unity song)

April 2014
In honor of Earth Day ...

Mother Earth sustains us;  with gratitude and wisdom, we dedicate ourselves to healing actions that support the earth.

March 2014
I AM transformative; 
you are transformative; together, we transform the world.

Once we stop becoming "acceptable", we become transformational, authentic expressions of the divine - unique, beautiful, perfectly designed to fulfill our destiny on earth at this time.



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