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Services and Rates

Initial Consultation                     Free

(includes health
history and answering
any questions about Reiki
and massage treatments)

Initial Reiki or Reiki Massage Session
$55/session  (60-90 mins)

Student or Regular Client Discount              

For those with a life-threatening illness, discounts and free sessions are applied to enable multiple, on-going treatments.  

Regular Reiki and massage treatments are beneficial for maintaining health and emotional balance.  In addition, before and after surgery or following emotional/spiritual trauma, at least 
three Reiki treatments are recommended. Chronic conditions often take longer to resolve.

Regular "wellness treatments", which include Reiki or Reiki-Massage, are recommended either weekly, monthly or seasonally, depending on the individual, to maintain health, wellness and energetic balance and to enhance on-going self-care.

Please call or text for an appointment: 530-368-4465

 Note: I also recommend taking Reiki classes to enhance your ability for self-care Reiki treatments.








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